Wolfgang Lehrner: VIE CEE, 2013

Text commissioned by BAWAG Contemporary

Wolfgang Lehrner: VIE CEE – The Vision of a City Vienna Could be 
Exhibition catalogue published by Verlag für Moderne Kunst, Vienna
Essays by Cornelis van Almsick, Jade Niklai, Kristina Kulakova
Printed in colour, linen, 128 pages, 65 illustrations

The publication is realised with support from BMUKK, Erste Mehrwert, Franziska and Christian Hausmaninger.

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Color, 2013

Video stills, 8 color prints, 90 x 50 cm

Metropolis, 2013

3 channel video installation, 183 videos (Random loop)

An exhibition of VIE CEE took place during 2013 Vienna Art Week
Curated by Cornelis van Almsick
Presented at BAWAG Contemporary, Vienna


Wolfgang Lehrner, VIE CEE (install view), 2013 © The Artist