Fritz Haeg: Domestic Integrity Fields, 2012

Curated on behalf of Blood Mountain Foundation

Fritz Haeg, Domestic Integrities Workshop with Blood Mountain at MAK Vienna, 2012

Domestic Integrity Fields:  A New Artistic Inquiry

Statement by Fritz Haeg
October 2012


“While in residence at Blood Mountain, the European edition of Domestic Integrities was started. This new project surveys local and seasonal patterns and rituals of interior domestic landscapes, the way we use what we resourcefully find around us to artfully make ourselves at home. Establishing a plant-animal-human trilogy with the Edible Estates (est. 2005) series of front yard food gardens and the Animal Estates (est. 2008) initiatives for urban wildlife architecture, Domestic Integrities turns its attention towards the interior environments of humans, and the ways in which local resources are digested into their homes.

The project is presented on a crocheted rug of local textiles, functioning as charged sites for testing, performing, and presenting how we want to live. These spirally stitched circular rugs gradually expand as they travel from city to city.

The European rug was started at Blood Mountain in Spring 2012, and has since traveled to London, Vienna, and Abruzzo. When formally presented in a gallery, locally foraged and harvested materials are used to ceremoniously place them on low pedestals on the crocheted rug. Visitors to the rug are invited to take off their shoes and make themselves at home, to sit down and inspect, touch, taste, and smell that day’s various Domestic Integrities, which provide a ‘live broadcast’ of what is happening outside and in people’s homes at that moment, in that place, in that season.”

Fritz Haeg, Domestic Integrities Workshop with Blood Mountain at MAK Vienna, 2012
Fritz Haeg, Domestic Integrities Workshop with Blood Mountain at MAK Vienna, 2012

1. Public Event: Talk, Tea, Break, Honey

26 June 2012
MAK Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna

Fritz Haeg: Artist talk and Domestic Integrities Workshop
Curated by Blood Mountain, Budapest
Hosed by MAK, Vienna

The workshop took place in the MAK Garden with a tea party and picnic, including home-baked bread  by the artist and honey sourced from the museum’s rooftop beehive. Open to all members of the public, participants were asked to bring along materials, patience, stories and a keen interest in contributing to a community-based, collaborative artwork. The event concluded with an artist talk, held in the museum’s Great Hall and further discussions also took place late in to the night about the Budapest Wekerle Project.

2. Education: Domestic Integrity Fields with Children

July 2012
Blood Mountain, Budapest

For 6 to 12 year-old participants
In English and Hungarian

Fritz Haeg, Education Workshop, BM HQ, Budapest 2012

3. Public Lecture: Budapest Domestic Integrities

06 June 2012
Organised and hosted by Blood Mountain, Budapest
Free and all welcome
Presentation in English

MAK Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna