Dani Gal: Artist Talk, 2019

Curated on behalf of Blood Mountain Projects

Dani Gal, White City, 2018 (28 mins), still © The Artist

Artist Talk:
Noise Sources and Blind Spots

12 March 2019
Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

Dani Gal’s artistic practice focuses on the production of ideology through the representation of specific historical narratives in a variety of media in order to question the claims of historical knowledge and to reveal and challenge underlying political preconceptions. Using archival documents toward the creation of cinematic reenactments, sound compositions and other interdisciplinary work, Gal explores the relationship between image, sound and text (written and spoken) to illuminate national interests behind the construction of historical narratives and the process of shaping collective/national memory. His work searches and examines specific historical cases to expose how political powers control certain narratives and repress others as a way to maintain power.

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Dani Gal, White City, 2018 (28 mins), still © The Artist