The Otolith Group: On Peter Watkins, 2012

Curated on behalf of Blood Mountain Foundation

Peter Watkins, La Commune (1871), 2000 still © The Artist

Film Screening and Discussion

11 February 2012
Venue: Tranzit HU office, Király utca 102, Budapest 1068, Hungary
Introduction by Zsolt Sörés, leading film critic (presented in Hungarian)

Launching The Otolith Group’s residency at Blood Mountain and Tranzit HU’s associated Free School Art Theory public programme, this was the second of two film evenings curated by The Otolith Group to set the framework for their research in Budapest.

Part of Tranzit HU’s Free School for Art Theory and Practice programme and Blood Mountain’s Artist-in-Residence programme. 

Peter Watkins, The Forgotten Faces, 1960 (18 mins)

This is a poetic reconstruction of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, filmed on the streets of Canterbury as n early amateur film from the perspective of a small group of revolutionaries.

Peter Watkins, The Forgotten Faces, 1960 still © The Artist

Peter Watkins, La Commune (Paris, 1871), 2000 (362 mins)

A tour-de-force interpretation of the heady days of post-revolution France, it is a historical re-enactment in the style of a documentary. The director once wrote: “The Paris Commune has always been severely marginalized by the French education system, despite – or perhaps because – it is a key event in the history of the European working class, and when we first met, most of the cast admitted that they knew little or nothing about the subject. It was very important that the people become directly involved in our research on the Paris Commune, thereby gaining an experiential process in analyzing those aspects of the current French system which are failing in their responsibility to provide citizens with a truly democratic and participatory process.” – Peter Watkins, 2002


Peter Watkins, The Forgotten Faces, 1960 still © The Artist

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