The Otolith Group: Daughter Products, 2012

Curated on behalf of Blood Mountain Foundation

The Otolith Group, Daughter Products 2012, seminar at Tranzit HU Budapest © Blood Mountain

Daughter Products

Saturday 25 February 2012 

Venue: Tranzit HU office | Budapest 1068, Király utca 102, Hungary

According to activist and critic Sabu Kohso, the meltdown of the three nuclear reactors at Fukushima Daiichi on 11 March 2011 signals a new phase in the war of the ‘global nuclear regime’ against all ‘other life forms.’ The Otolith Group’s Daughter Products seminar examined the histories of artistic forms of abstraction in relation to the planetary existence of the ‘global nuclear regime’, especially in practices of abstraction that aim to produce forms of the audible and the visible in relation to the necro-politics and chrono-politics of radiation.

This was a professional development opportunity for practicing artists and art professionals to meet The Otolith Group and gain in-depth knowledge about its practice. Participants were required to apply in advance with a motivational letter and expected to take part in discussions responding to the collective’ research in Budapest.

The seminar was free of charge and took place in English.

The Otolith Group, Daughter Products, 2012 (Katarina Sevic and Kodwo Eshun) © The Artist

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