Stories from Central Europe, Part 2, 2012

Curated on behalf of Blood Mountain Foundation

Tom Sloan, Study, 2012 © András Káré

Blood Mountain continues to examine Central Europe’s design heritage and creative potential  under the research and production-based project, Stories from Central Europe.

Launched at the 2011 Budapest Design Week, in 2012 the programme extends to new research and mediation through a series of public events, including an industry seminar, two workshops and a university lecture (on-site and off-site) and contributions to the feature exhibition and public programme of the festival (off-site).

The theme of the 2012 Budapest Design Week is ‘Slow Design’, which promotes a holistic approach to design production and consumption. It celebrates ideas of cradle-to-cradle, sustainable development, regionalism and cultural diversity. Largely inspired by the Slow Food Movement, its ultimate belief is, that an overall improvement on the quality of contemporary consumer products will support local industries and communities, and lead to a better quality of life for its conscientious consumer.

Public Programme

Unless otherwise stated, events are curated by Blood Mountain, take place in English and are free with prior booking:

Wednesday 03 October 2012
Talk_Tom Sloan presents Stories from Central Europe
Events | Tom Sloan

Friday 05 October 2012
Seminar_Design Futures

Saturday 06 October 2012
Workshop_Making an LED Badge with Bare Conductive
Events | Bare Conductive

Sunday 07 October 2012
Guided Tour_Edible Estates #12: Wekerle, Budapest with Fritz Haeg
Events | Fritz Haeg | Residency Project Page

Sunday 07 October 2012
Workshop_Making a Light Switch with Bare Conductive
Events | Bare Conductive

Tom Sloan, Lecture at Design Terminal (Budapest), 2012 © András Káré
Daniel Hirschmann, Talk at Pecha Kucha (Budapest), 2012 © András Káré


Slow Design

28 September to 28 October 2012
Curator: Rita Halasi, Director of the 2012 Budapest Design Week
Venue: Design Terminal, Hungarian Design Center | Budapest 1061, Erzsébet Square, Hungary

Contributions by Blood Mountain

Tom Sloan: Hungarian Traveller Collection
Commissioned by Blood Mountain for the 2011 Budapest Design Week, this is a concept collection inspired by the art of gymnastics and a spectacular story of socialism. On display: bench, bag and poster.

Fritz Haeg: Edible Estate #12: Wekerle, Budapest
Commissioned by Blood Mountain for its June 2012 artist-in-residence programme, it is the latest chapter in artist’s international kitchen garden programme. On display: documentation film (produced in partnership with 56Films and directed by Réka Pigniczky) and photographs (taken by András Káré). Find out more:

Bare Conductive: Pop Up House and Electro Card DIY kits
This London-based design studio pushes the boundary of design through education and innovation and leads two workshops for Blood Mountain audiences during the 2012 Budapest Design Week. On display: two DIY kits using the studio’s innovative Bare Paint invention. Find out more: |

Technology Will Save Us: Lumiphone Workshop kit
This London-based ‘haberdashery’ for technology is committed to teaching design consumers to make and appreciate new technologies beyond their mere consumption. On display: one of three workshop kits presented at Blood Mountain during the 2011 Budapest Design Week. Find out more:

Design Terminal, Budapest | © Andras Kare / Blood Mountain, 2012